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Mary Trask

Mary has over 30 years of teaching experience ranging from kindergarten to adult learning. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree with honors in Elementary Education with a Reading Specialization from Wittenberg University and Master of Education in Reading and Language Development with high honors from Regent University. Mary is presently an adjunct professor with Columbus State Community College teaching critical reading, writing, and college success skills classes along with instructing elementary students online. Mary is presently an adjunct professor with the Education Department of Capital University in Columbus Ohio where she trains and supervises new teachers. Her passion is to see every child succeed at becoming a life-long learner by teaching each student success strategies in reading and language arts. Mary resides in Lewis Center, Ohio with her family and enjoys reading, being active, scrapbooking, baking bread and organizing most anything. Mary can teach both native English speakers and ESL students.

Teacher Reviews

Teacher Reviews

Nancy Simmons

Nancy has over twenty-five years of teaching experience, along with a master’s degree in Education in Reading and Language Arts, a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts, reading specialist credential and single subject English credential from California State University, a multiple subject teaching credential from Chapman University, and a certificate for teaching online from the University of San Diego. After enjoying ten years of teaching multiple subjects in the California public schools, Nancy focused on teaching students much needed reading and writing skills to help them be successful in all areas. Besides years of teaching whole class and small group reading and writing skills, she has experience teaching Advanced Placement English and adult citizenships classes. Currently working as a private tutor, Nancy has the advantage of being able to teach students of all ages and create lessons that challenge and inspire the individual student. She enjoys teaching all grade levels from beginning reading to analyzing literature, and believes that the key to getting students to read and write well is to help them see the joy in language.

Teacher Reviews

Teacher Reviews

Cynthia Bangs

Cynthia has been teaching English to non-native speakers (ESL students) for 23 years. She has taught English reading and writing skills at the elementary and middle school levels in Hawaii, China and Thailand. She earned her dual bachelor’s degrees in Cultural Anthropology and Social Work from the University of Wisconsin, Madison and a master’s degree in Psychology from Sonoma State University in California. She also holds a certification in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) from the American TESOL Institute and teaches ESL students around the world as a Language Fluency Coach. Cynthia enjoys a passion for coaching and motivating students to excellence while encouraging dedicated study skills to improve and build English skills for a lifetime. She loves reading biographies of famous people, poetry, modern plays, and non-fiction and specializes in teaching critical thinking, reading, and essay writing for middle school students. Cynthia lives in Hawaii near the beach and enjoys swimming with dolphins and hiking the volcanoes of her island, as well as watching inspirational videos and surfing the internet.

ESL Students Only. Cynthia’s students in this course will enjoy reading articles, playing learning games, and watching videos (with transcripts) about animals, entertainment, current events, social issues, human interest stories, science and technology. Well-known online media sites including National Geographic for Kids, BBC Learning English, Breaking News English, Youngzine, and Tween Tribune will provide many articles to choose from. One exceptional online resource for this course will be Great Websites for Kids (News & Current Events | Great Websites for Kids) – sponsored by the American Library Association.

Teacher Reviews

Teacher Reviews

Megan Smith

Megan earned her Bachelor’s degree in Education from Capital University in Ohio. She has extensive experience teaching 2nd-5th graders in reading and writing. Young and energetic, Megan is constantly on the lookout for additional techniques and strategies to best help her students. She hopes to inspire each of her students to become a lifelong learner by helping them grow to their full potential in reading and writing. Megan’s goal is to help students realize that reading is fun by partaking in engaging lessons and creative activities in class. In her free time, Megan enjoys reading, spending time with her family and friends, and taking her dog on walks.

Teacher Reviews

Teacher Reviews

Tina Ward

Tina is a High School Math and English teacher with over 30 years of experience teaching and tutoring. She obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Humanities with a concentration in English and a Master’s degree in Teaching grades 6-12 from Louisiana Technical University. She has extensive experience working as a math and English teacher in private schools. She has also worked with many homeschoolers as a private tutor. Tina is a passionate educator focused on helping students achieve more than they themselves believe is possible. She is a teacher who is always open to learning new skills and applying new teaching strategies. In her spare time, Tina loves to read, journal, and spend time outdoors with her husband and two Australian Shepherds.

Christine Meyer

Christine offers her students the accumulation of her years as a teacher, author, editor, and tutor. With twenty years in the classroom as a Latin and English teacher, in both private and public high schools, Christine has navigated both the brick-and-mortar and the cyber platforms. She has a Bachelor of Arts from Princeton University in philosophy; a Master of Fine Arts from New York University; and a Master of Arts in religion from Westminster Theological Seminary. While at Westminster, Christine assisted graduate students from other countries to finesse their writing of classwork essays and theses. Christine herself has authored a thesaurus, published by Bolchazy-Carducci, and served as the Assistant Editor to two journals. With a particular passion for clarity in communication, Christine knows how to help students better express what they are trying to convey. A focus on critical thinking underlies her teaching as Christine believes that the ability to analyze what one writes and reads creates a better scholar. Known as a fun teacher, Christine will adapt her teaching to the needs of the individual and will make lessons enjoyable. Christine has a dog and cat, each with Latin names, and takes a break from language skills to create abstract works of art with encaustic and cold wax.

Debra Haraway

debra harraway

Debra has 34 years of teaching experience as a Classroom Teacher, Licensed Reading Recovery Teacher, Accelerated Math Instructor and Gifted/Talented Teacher. She has extensive years tutoring Reading and Writing Grades 1-6. Debra received her Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education Grades 1-6 from Bemidji State University. She received her Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Minnesota. Debra was nominated for “Teacher of the Year in 2016.” Debra has dedicated many hours working on Reading and Writing Curriculum Committees helping to create environments in her school system that offer challenging and rigorous resources to support teaching reading and writing using Best Practices. Debra is passionate about engaging her students to become lifelong learners. She excels at communicating and connecting with her students, building relationships and fostering an atmosphere for learning under which her students thrive. She has a nurturing yet direct approach and good sense of humor while guiding and encouraging her students to reach their fullest potential in both academic and life pursuits.

Emma Perin

emma perin

Emma graduated summa cum laude from The Ohio State University. Her degree and state certification in Early Childhood Education have enabled her to partner with families in the education of their young children. She has experience teaching students in grade school and loves to see children flourish in their excitement for reading and writing. Emma has enjoyed writing and often participated in many creative writing clubs as a child. She looks forward to authoring her own children’s books and seeks to pass on her zeal for learning and creativity to her students. When Emma is not teaching, she often stargazes, walks, or plays board games with her husband.