What is English Hound?

English Hound is a distance learning company based in NY. It was founded by Asian-American professionals (see About Us) who are passionate about the English language. In an increasingly global world, having the ability to communicate with those in other countries will give you a competitive edge. As English is the lingua franca of the world, the ability to master written and spoken English can provide a significant advantage in school admissions and job opportunities. English Hound seeks to provide students with access to English Reading and Writing teachers who have years of experience teaching at top schools in the U.S. Our curricula were developed as a result of a collaborative effort by educational experts, experienced teachers and successful professionals in the U.S. Our mission is to bring our students’ reading and writing skills to a new level of excellence.

The goal of English Hound is to create an online community in which people in the U.S. and Korea can come together to discuss issues relevant to them. Specificallly, the Chat Room and the News Room feature topics relating to education, parenting and culture and provide a forum in which our users can communicate and collaborate with each other.

What grades do you teach?

We teach grades Kindergarten through 12th grade – the critical period when language acquisition is easy and natural.

Who can take the class?

At the present time, we are offering our classes to only students who are fluent or at an advanced/intermediate level in English. Our classes benefit students who are presently studying in the U.S. or students who will be applying to study in the U.S. or another English speaking country. Most of our students are native English speakers, have a parent who is fluent in English, or have lived in an English speaking country for at least a couple of years. We plan to offer beginner level English classes in the future.

What makes English Hound different?

Our educational philosophy is different. We believe that students should learn English mainly by enjoying literature written in English and focusing on improving their writing. Although schools and hagwons are adept at teaching English to students at the introductory level, students need to be able to read on their own if they truly want to improve their English. Therefore, our classes focus intensively on reading and writing with vocabulary and grammar lessons incorporated into the lesson plans. By discussing books in small groups or one-on-one classes with a teacher, the student will receive special attention from the teacher while practicing listening and speaking in English. Through these intensive classes, students will understand and master the nuances of both written and spoken English.

Another way we are different is that we are well-educated professionals who were raised and educated in the U.S. and speak English fluently. We have a desire to bring the same quality English instruction available in the U.S. to students who do not live in America. We give students access to experienced American teachers whom we have personally screened. This is to ensure that you will have quality teachers who have a teaching degree and years of experience teaching English in American schools.
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What other services do you provide?

We also offer the following paid services in addition to video-classes: (1) proofreading service for governmental entities, schools, businesses, organizations and websites; and (2) consulting services for admissions to U.S. summer camps and programs and schools. Click Here to learn more.

We are also pleased to provide on a courtesy basis: (1) a digital library with free books (2) free information about U.S. summer programs and U.S. public and private schools (3) free educational news from the U.S.


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