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By Beverly Cole | Published February 18, 2016

My childhood was unique for its time. My father played just as important a role in my upbringing as my mother. Dad shuttled me to soccer games, dropped me off […]

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Why Every Parent with School Age Kids Should Think About Joining the PTA

By Namee Oberst | Published October 5, 2015

For parents with school age children, it’s a yearly ritual. Every fall or late summer, parents sit eagerly at the school orientation meeting anxiously hoping to gather information about what […]

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Why Some Asian-American Moms Resent Amy Chua

By Haewon Helen Whang | Published June 20, 2015

I know many of you are tired of reading about Amy Chua, the self-proclaimed Tiger Mom who set the blogosphere ablaze when the Wall Street Journal published “Why Chinese Mothers […]

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