Byung-Ho Kang

Assistant Professor at the University of Florida
University of Wisconsin-Madison, Ph.D.in Biochemistry
Seoul National University, BA Chemistry, MS Biochemistry

Mary helped my daughter expand her vocabulary. After getting to know my daughter’s level, Mary came up with a selection of words that are adequately challenging for the online session. My daughter enjoyed studying the vocabulary building class with Mary. She told me that she learned a lot not only what the words mean but also how to use them in sentences to convey exact ideas. I suppose that this came from Mary’s long experience in teaching middle school students as well as from her excellent educational skills. At first, I did not appreciate effectiveness of online education. But we are satisfied with the tutoring service by Englishhound.com and will use more for enhancing my kids’ education.

Lynda Chin

Professor and Founding Chair of the Department of Genomic Medicine, Division of Cancer Medicine
University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas; Scientific Director of the Institute for Applied Cancer Science
Former Professor of Dermatology at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard Medical School;
Former Senior Associate Member of Broad Institute at MIT and Harvard University;
Clinical medical training at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center and Albert Einstein College of Medicine;
Brown University and Albert Einstein College of Medicine graduate

It says a lot about English Hound’s commitment to education that the Founder/CEO personally conducts a rigorous screening process to find the most qualified teachers. What is special about English Hound is that it individualizes lessons to fit the abilities of exceptional students who are many years ahead of their grade. It is well respected among our circle of well-educated friends who value learning. And the bonus is that it can be done at home!

Jacqueline Leopold

Dartmouth College and Columbia University Law School graduate

English Hound is such a wonderful program for children learning to read. It uses the renowned Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s digital reading curriculum that is aligned with the Common Core objectives. It’s also convenient because my son can do the lessons while I cook dinner!

Nancy Kim

Senior Project Manager at Wolters Kluwer
B.S. Aero-Astronautical Engineering, The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

This is a great supplemental educational tool for children. I especially liked the one on one tutoring approach. Mary Trask was engaging while she was teaching with fun games and exercises. After an hour, my son said, “Wow, it felt like 5 minutes!”.

Jon Kim

Johns Hopkins University and Columbia University College of Dental Medicine graduate
Dentist at Premier Dental Care

The writing teachers at English Hound are top notch. Not only did the teacher teach my 6th grade son how to organize and revise his writing, the teacher taught him to think critically about his arguments and to write them convincingly. My son also thought the teacher was smart, engaging, and funny.

Myung-Moo Lee, MD

BS, Vanderbilt University
MD, Northwestern University Medical School
Dermatology residency, Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard University
Assistant Area Medical Director
Kaiser Permamente Downey Medical Center – Downey, California

English Hound’s online class is very convenient and easy to schedule. Where else can you get individualized tutoring in the convenience of your own home at a time of your choosing? It’s perfect for the busy household. The session, via easy to use Skype, commenced with a very friendly and welcoming tutor to whom my daughter immediately warmed up. The lesson consisted of reading comprehension, vocabulary, and composition. I was impressed with the quality of instruction and the fact that it was highly tailored to my daughter’s responses. She found the teacher easy to understand and quite approachable. She was even willing to pursue further lessons! English Hound is truly a value proposition – excellent quality teaching with a convenience that’s ideal for the modern household. Highly recommended!

Sunny Chung

POSTECH and Columbia University graduate
VP at Deutsche Bank, Global Head of Market Risk Analysis for Rates and Credit

My 10 year old son took a reading and a writing class offered by English Hound. While both classes were great, the writing class in particular was extremely helpful as writing is relatively a weaker area for my son. As a straight A student, just like a lot of Korean students in the U.S, he always has done well in school across all subjects. As much as I’m pleased with his excellent academic achievement in school, I think kids in most public schools are measured by lower standards, although school districts vary in their standards. I bet there are many parents who feel the same way as I do walking out of the teacher-parent conference thinking, “When the teacher said my son is doing excellent, what does it truly mean? Does it just mean that he is exceeding the “minimum” standards set for the average 5th graders?” As a non-native speaker of English, I find it difficult to teach him English at home relative to other subjects including math.

English Hound has teachers with excellent credentials and extensive teaching experience. These teachers taught my son online and found out his strengths and weaknesses instantly and structured the class accordingly. Another great thing about English Hound’s classes is parents’ participation. Unlike after school academies and hagwons, parents can watch the live class sitting right next to their child. It allows them to provide feedback to the teacher, which I believe is the most effective way to improve the quality of the education that their child is getting. For anyone who wants to enrich your child’s English in both reading and writing beyond what is taught at school, classes offered by English Hound caters to your child’s specific needs and so it is highly recommended.

Haengju Lee

POSTECH and Columbia University, Ph.D.
Visiting professor at DGIST -and- Yongsoon Eun,
Seoul National University and University of Michigan (Ph.D)
Professor at DGIST

Our son was born and raised in the U.S. where he finished 1st grade. In September of 2014, our family moved back to Korea and we enrolled him at a local Korean elementary school. We hoped that our son would have opportunities to maintain and maybe even improve his English skills. But as we do not live near a metropolitan area, we were disheartened to discover that not only was it difficult to find native speaking teachers, but to find quality English lessons that fit my son’s English level was not possible. That was when we came across English Hound Program and had an opportunity to experience a trial class via Skype.

Because I had preconceived notions that English is best learned though direct meeting and conversation with a teacher, I was a bit skeptical at first. Especially being a boy, I had doubts about my child’s ability to sit still in front of a computer for an hour as well as strong reservations about how focused he would be. These apprehensions were eliminated in less than a minute into the lesson. The trial class was a vocabulary class by Teacher Mary. She introduced new vocabulary words with pictures and descriptions in a way that not only sparked my son’s interest, but drew out active participation all the while continuing the thread of conversation. She introduced etymology and encouraged him to think about other words that might derive from those that he learned. This was a higher level of English learning that was a departure from conventional teaching by rote. Also by encouraging him to practice the use of the vocabulary words in a sentence, she helped him put the words in his head and thus make them his own.

After the hour lesson, my son spoke in English the whole day! This was especially surprising because ever since we returned to Korea, without additional English study, he had become so much more comfortable in Korean than English that he was starting to not use English. He also said he wants to do more English Hound lessons.

I want to especially recommend English Hound to those children who, like my son, have returned to Korea after living in America. Through English Hound lessons, they will be able to learn from high quality teachers from America via Skype without having to travel, and I believe that they will not only be able to maintain but to improve their English ability even here in Korea.

Beverly Cole

Attorney and Writer
University of Pennsylvania and Columbia Law School graduate

I helped Helen Whang found this company after discovering that our educational philosophies were closely aligned. We believe children are capable of learning so much more at a young age if they are immersed in an enriching environment filled with books, conversations with adults, and high expectations from parents. We think most schools do not do enough to cater to students who are far ahead of their grade. But English Hound does. My daughter, who will enter kindergarten this fall, and her friend, who is in kindergarten, read a Level O book, which most schools cover in 3rd grade, with their English Hound teacher. My son, a 2nd grader, took a 6th grade vocabulary class and not only learned the root of words but was able to practice using words in sentences. The classes are highly educational and, more importantly, my daughter and son really enjoy English Hound classes. They keep asking when they can do more!

Student: Ellen from Seoul, Korea (Grade 1)

I loved the reading class with teacher Jackie. She was really prepared and helped me learn vocabulary. Raz-Kids reading curriculum was really great!

Sun Young Lee, Seoul

With a good English education, I hope my children are exposed to English naturally and consistently and would be able to use English as a means of communication in everyday life in this global age. I don’t want them to think of English as a difficult foreign language. With English Hound, students can use textbooks or popular reference books used in the US, and the students in Korea can have the experience of going to a school in the US. Also, my son and daughter found the online video classes fun and interesting. After taking 3-4 English Hound classes, my children are actively asking when they can have the next class. English Hound is better than hagwons because hagwons have 10 to 12 students in one class so students don’t get individual attention and the management of individual students is lacking. English Hound’s classes have 1:1 or 1:2 teacher student ratio so individual students will be more engaged in learning and lessons are tailored to suit their individual abilities. Also, unlike hagwon cramming sessions, English Hound uses interesting books used in the United States and reading these books interests my children and motivates them to learn. I think my children’s English will improve a lot with English Hound.

Jin Yi Yun, Seoul

Since my daughter Suyeon attends an international school in Korea, I think it is particularly important for her to learn with an experienced, well credentialed teacher in the United States. I feel extremely satisfied when I see Suyeon enjoying learning reading and writing from great teachers at English Hound. Another great thing about English Hound is that it fits into our daughter’s busy schedule.

Student: H.K.

School: Horace Mann, New York, USA (Grade 5)
Class: Writing with teacher Brian

I liked the class a lot. Brian was very fun and exciting, and he was enthusiastic about teaching me to make my writing better. He was also calm and patient. I think that the fact that we did it on the computer made the lesson especially fun. I definitely learned a lot and would like to continue in the future.

Student: D.K.

School: Upper School, New Jersey, USA (Grade 4)
Class: Writing with teacher Brian

It was fun even when we were learning and he helped me write a good story. I highly recommend this class.

Student: Sally

School: DW International Middle School (Grade 6)

Class: Writing with teacher Brian

The writing class was great! Brian kindly and thoroughly explained things I couldn’t understand.

Student: T.A.

School: KK Foreign School (Grade 6)
Class: Reading & Writing class with teacher Angela

Angela helped me strengthen my reading and writing skills through asking questions and providing explanations. It was a very helpful and interesting class because I got to learn different cultures in various regions of US. I believe with Angela I can improve my reading & writing skills a lot.

Science with teacher Helen Whang – This class was about solar system. Helen led the class with in depth explanation, questions, and interesting textbook. Moreover, the lesson progress speed was perfect, which helped me a lot to develop my understanding of science.

Student: K. Y.

School: A. P. International School (Grade 6)
Classes: Writing, Reading, Science

Science with Helen – I really liked the astronomy class with Teacher Helen. I learned about our solar system with two of my friends. The class was even more fun taking it with my friends. It was interesting, educational, and I would highly recommend it.

Writing with Teacher Helen and Teacher Brian – The writing classes with Teacher Brian and Teacher Helen were wonderful. They are very passionate about teaching and they helped me improve my writing. I learned how to brainstorm, organize and work on my sentence structure. I also learned a lot of vocabulary. Everyone should take this class.

Reading Classes with Teacher Sophia – The reading class was fun. I took the class with a friend and we both enjoyed taking turns reading and discussing what we read. It was really educational, and I would recommend it.

Book Discussion Class with Teacher Angela – I loved this book discussion class. My friend and I read James and the Giant Peach, and we had a book discussion class with Teacher Angela. We analyzed the ideas in the book and it helped me understand the book better. The class was both fun and educational, and I would definitely recommend it.

Student: Anna

School: Y. R. Elementary School (Grade 4)
Class: Reading and Science Class with teacher Helen

I really enjoyed my reading class with teacher Helen. We read about the Olympics and discussed what we read. She was easy to understand and I learned a lot of vocabulary. I would recommend this class.

The astronomy class with teacher Helen was really fun and educational. She made difficult scientific concepts very easy to understand. The class was in English so we got to learn English and Science at the same time. We learned about the planets in our solar system, their rotation as well as their revolution around the sun. We also learned about the composition and the density of these planets. I would definitely recommend this class.

Student: M. J.

School: S. W. Elementary School
Class: Reading and Writing

I took a reading class and a writing class. I really enjoyed the classes. I especially liked the individual attention I got during my writing class. I think these classes would be a great supplement to hagwon because you get to practice speaking in English and writing in English.

Student: J. C.

School: S. Foreign School
Class: Reading and Writing

I really enjoyed the reading class with teacher Angela in which we discussed James and the Giant Peach. It was especially fun because I took the class with my friend.

The writing class was also very educational. Teacher Helen gave me a summary of my writing strengths and weaknesses and made specific recommendations on how to improve my writing. But I wouldn’t recommend a group class for this because you will have to wait to discuss your writing sample. The writing classes would be better taken solo.

Student: Henry

School: C. A. Elementary School (Grade 3)
Class: Reading and Writing

I really enjoyed reading A Frog and a Toad with teacher Angela. We discussed about the book together. I think she is an awesome teacher. I’ve acquired a lot of knowledge through the class with teacher Angela. She made things simple and easy to understand. She made the class interesting and exciting. Teacher Angela taught me a lot of new vocabularies, which helped me to read other books. I truly enjoyed this playful learning experience, which was a good break from the strict hagwon setting. I would like to keep taking these classes to improve my English.

Student: Veronia

School: S. Y. Elementary School

Class: Reading, Writing, Science

Writing teacher – The teacher explained the subject matter very well. I could learn about writing in depth. She listened carefully about what I had to ask and gave me very clear answers to those questions. The PowerPoint helped me

Science Teacher – Helen explained thoroughly with the science textbook. Science used to be the hardest subject to me. I could learn English and Science at the same time with the pictures in the textbook, which made it fun and much easier for me to understand.

Reading (grammar) Teacher – It was impressive how we discussed pictures and sentences through Skype. I enjoyed class because I could share my opinion with the teacher and learn from the discussions.

Reading Teacher (Angela) – Although I liked the other teachers as well, teacher Angela was just a perfect teacher for me. Especially, I really enjoyed discussing a story with her. In my opinion, writing about my dream and discussing about the essay was a really good idea. We worked on the essay together and it was very satisfying!

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