Cynthia Bangs

Cynthia has been my teacher for 4 years. We usually have one lesson a week. Her lessons help me to maintain and improve my English vocabulary in order to communicate with my foreign colleagues and improve my understanding of the spoken English. I also learn a lot of fascinating things about Hawaii – a small faraway paradise – and I learn a lot of new information about other exotic countries Cynthia (tireless traveller) has visited. In addition, I just enjoy communication with a very energetic, intelligent and positive person!
Prof. Lukina, Hematology Research Center, Moscow

I was taking Skype classes from Cynthia from March 2009 till March 2011, before I came to US. I chose Skype classes because I wanted to study from a native speaker. I had 2-3 classes every week with Cynthia and It was so effective, so life changing, because I overcame my fear of foreign language, insecurity that I cannot speak and pronounce properly.  It was a safe and lovely environment and convenient time for me. I really appreciate Cynthia for her heart, professionalism and attention and patience for me.  I am now a student in the college in US.
– Kristina, USA/Russia

Cynthia, thank you for teaching me English.  I was very nervous before the first class, but your lovely smiled relaxed me.  It is difficult for me to speak English and I could not speak very well, but you listened to my speaking carefully and kindly, so I could try to speak English and I enjoyed it.  I’ll never forget about your classes!
– Nana, from Japan

Cynthia’s lessons helped me to improve my English.  Due to her lessons, I was able to expand my vocabulary and I could understand texts better while listening and reading.  I have less mistakes than earlier.  This allows me to feel more confident with other people who speak English.
– Marina, Moscow, Russia

I like to learn English with Cynthia.  Learning the language is interesting, quick, and without too much effort.  Thanks to Cynthia Bangs I learned to speak, to understand and even to feel the language during two years.   Now I can understand and speak without pre-translating. Today I continue to learn English with pleasure.  I recommend lessons with Cynthia to anybody who wants to study English, and who is motivated, goal directed and wants real results.
– Elena Firsanova, Moscow

Cynthia worked at Kealakehe Elementary school (Hawaii) during the school year 2006-2007. She worked as a tutor to assist English Language Learners from other countries.  Cynthia assisted students in their standards based literacy tasks.  She tutored students in reading a variety of genre and applying reading strategies to increase decoding, fluency, and comprehension skills.  She also tutored students in writing a variety of genres, applying the writing process and traits of writing.  She offers praise and helps students to feel successful.  I am confident to recommend Cynthia Bangs to any school or organization that supports children.
– Cari Kojima, 3rd grade teacher, Kealakehe Elementary School, USA

I am very pleased to have English lessons with Cynthia.  I studied English for many years before, but have never been able to speak freely.  Thanks to our training, I no longer fall into a stupor and can easily communicate with foreigners.  Another problem that was solved during our classes was misunderstanding speech.  In addition to excellent results in improving English, Cynthia is the most positive person in the world.  Cynthia is full of inspiring ideas.  Cynthia has always supported and encouraged.  She is not just an English fluency coach, she is also a great companion who is incredibly nice to talk with.
– Irina, HR Director, Moscow Russia

I am extremely appreciative and grateful for all the work that Cynthia has done for me. It helped me dramatically to gain the confidence needed for job interviewing. Every single lesson Cynthia provides is highly personalized – you get what you really need at your own pace. Cynthia is a caring and fantastic teacher. What makes her special is that she also becomes a very good model for her students. I didn’t realize how much I had learned until I forced myself to put it into practice. I would recommend Cynthia’s lessons to anyone who wants to improve their English skills.
– Andrei Litskevich, Belarus/USA – Summer 2013

I have practiced English with Cynthia for 5 years.  Why this consistency?  Because Cynthia offers the highest level of professionalism and flexibility with regard to the student.  She adapts to the students’ particular needs – speech practice, grammar, reading of texts, and so on. Cynthia demonstrates a high level of responsibility and punctuality.
– Alexander, Nuclear Industry, Moscow

Joanna Dreiling, Ph.D.

Thank you so much for being such a great English teacher. I appreciate all that you have taught me because those are the things that will help me be successful in life. -Bianca G.

You are a very unique and special teacher. You are the only teacher that saw the potential I have within me. I am thankful for everything you have done for me! -Daniel O.

Everyday I walk into your classroom waiting for an adventure of learning. Thank you! -Camillia D.

Thank you for helping me expand my educational skills and make my dream a reality. -Maricela D.

You are truly an awesome teacher! Thank you for everything! -Cassandra B.

If anyone has made a difference during my school years, it was you. You taught me that it’s okay to voice your opinion and one voice can make all the difference in the world. Thank you! I hope to be a good teacher like you have been to me! -Natalie N.

Mary Collins

Mary’s vocabulary class was really educational. I took it with my friend in Korea and we both felt like we learned a lot of words. Mary is really nice and patient. The class was really fun taking it with a friend!
Henry Choi, 4th Grade

I have had the pleasure of knowing Mrs. Mary Collins for nearly twenty years, and have used her services as tutor for my daughter in the last ten years. My daughter was in middle school and high school when tutored by Mrs. Collins. Emily, an advanced student, would occasionally get stymied when writing an essay or interpreting literature. Mrs. Collins was excellent at helping Emily find her own voice by asking questions, gently guiding her to her own conclusions. Her quiet and encouraging manner would guide Emily, as she put it, to “her best self”. Emily went on to become valedictorian at her high school, an honors student in college, and now serves as a Fulbright scholar. I would like to add, knowing Mrs. Collins all these years, that her character is absolutely impeccable. I recommend her without hesitation and most highly.”
– Patricia A Sweeney, MD, New Albany, Ohio

Mary Collins worked with my son throughout high school. She tutored him in English, humanities, and history classes. He is a student that struggles in these areas, and Mrs. Collins was an excellent tutor for him. She was able to successfully help him with any assignment in these classes. She taught him how to organize, research, outline, write, and effectively study for these classes, and his grades improved significantly while working with Mrs. Collins. The study skills she taught him are life long and can be used as he continues his education after high school.Mrs. Collins was also very patient and encouraging. This is important for all teachers but means even more to a student who struggles. She definitely had a positive impact on my son.
– Kim T., New Albany, Ohio

Mary, thank you again for all of your tutoring help for Matt. His Humanities grade has gone from a “D” to an “A”, all as a result of your help!”
– Tracy M., New Albany, Ohio

Patient and encouraging, Mary Collins is an excellent instructor. She has a clear mastery of the subject, evident in the depth of the activities she creates and in the class discussions she generates. Her lessons are engaging, organized, and pedagogically sound. Mary Collins is a consummate professional.
– Tracy C. Koski, Professor, Developmental Education, Columbus State Community College

Mary Collins is an exemplary instructor, an experienced and knowledgeable teacher of all aspects of English. She shows a deep and thorough knowledge of the subject, and her presentation is clear and interesting. Mary’s introduction of an essay in the reader was masterful. She had students eager to read the essay, and then she led them through an excellent discussion, including both the rhetorical tools employed by the author and the connection of the story to the students’ lives. I was also especially impressed by the mini-lecture on fiction, non-fiction, and creative non-fiction.
– Holly Finnegan, Professor, Developmental Education, Columbus State Community College

Mary Collins is the best instructor ever. She always went the extra mile to make sure you understand. I would recommend Mrs. Collins. She is truly the best teacher I’ve ever had. She is a very understanding, kind, and loving person. There was no question that went unanswered, and her patience really showed. She made sure we had every opportunity to be successful in this class. Mrs. Collins is a very wonderful instructor with a lot of energy. She’s very good at explaining and giving good details. She’s one of the best instructors I’ve had and one of the reasons I never gave up. Mrs. Collins is an amazing teacher, a very educated woman who knows how to talk to people.
– Anonymous Composition students, Columbus State Community College

Mary Trask

Mary is a person with many ideas and inspirations.She is good at guiding students and training students with his divergent thinking.She always finds some cool pictures, such as robots(Pingpong Robot, Housewife Robot and Territory Defense Robot), those pictures can activate my divergent thinking so as to let me think more ideas than before.Mary instructs me in writing essay by telling me how to use articles, adverbs, semicolon and comma.I think it is beneficial to me, some grammar mistakes that I always made before will never be made again.Mary will also look for some  interesting novels and anecdotes for me to read out loud.This can improve my verbal expression,pronunciation,intonation and the tone of my speaking.One last point needed to be shown.When I represent a topic or a question, Mary will search for some documents, pictures and websites and share with me very initiatively.She will also answer all my questions perfectly in order to let me gain more knowledge and experiences.To conclude, Mary is a great teacher! She is very smart, humorous, enthusiastic and good at observing other’s expression and behavior. I like her very much!
– Edward Gu, 8th grade, Shanghai

Mary is a great teacher and I learned so much from her. I took 2 sessions with her and really learned a lot.
– 4th grader Henry from Korea

I had the opportunity of shadowing several of Mary’s tutoring sessions. Her in-depth knowledge of the subject matter she teaches is accompanied by an excitement for learning, which is contagious and makes her students eager to learn. She is excellent at creating learning experiences that are fun and interactive. She is also great at getting to know her students and using that information to individualize lessons and keep students motivated.
– Charissa Rankin – colleague, online tutoring

Mary Trask is a diligent educator. She is innovative in her motivational techniques and an excellent resource for curriculum development. Also, as an educational trainer, she is inspiring and thorough.
– Ann Trudel – K-8 Online Tutor /colleague

Mary has a great wealth of knowledge to share. From what I have seen and heard, all of her students truly love her and beg to spend more time online over and above their scheduled sessions. As a friend, her passion for teaching has spilled over and I have been grown to be a more passionate teacher. She has such a kind way of understanding, and she teaches in everything that she says and does!
– Kim Palocsay – colleague, online tutoring

I often recommend her classes to students. She is caring and patient, and students report that she has a wonderful classroom style that they respond to very well. She has the rare gift of being able to help students break down complex material and make it understandable and fun. In conversations with Mary, it is clear that she is passionate about teaching and student success. She is a joy to work with and a great asset to CSCC Delaware Campus. I highly recommend her for your organization.
– Ellen Neutzling, Student Advising – Columbus State Community College

Mary Trask has had a huge influence on early education of my three children. Mary customized specific learning programs designed to increase understanding in Spelling, Reading and Math all through online instruction. With her expertise my children not only thrived but excelled in their grades. We are so very thankful for her knowledge and years of experience in education.
– Jade Laymon, parent of former students

Mary Trask is very organized and thorough, effectively accomplishing the course objectives. She has a strong command of the subject of Reading which is evident in the depth of her explanations and planned activities. She welcomes questions, asks good guided ones throughout, and offers clear explanations and tips when necessary. She is very helpful to students. Mary meets all of responsibilities with professionalism and conscientiousness.
– Tracy Koski, Professor, Developmental Education, Columbus State Community College

Mary has clear mastery of her subject matter. She is very dependable and professional as well as presents well-organized class sessions. She has good rapport with the students and gives clear explanations of the material presented.
– Holly Finnegan, Professor, Developmental Education Department, Columbus State Community College

Nancy Simmons

I am delighted to write this letter of recommendation for Nancy Simmons.  I worked in Nancy’s classroom as her teaching assistant for several years.  Her love of reading and writing bridged a genuine connection with each student.  Learning phonics, grammar, spelling, and punctuation became fun to her students.  She motivated them to have the skills necessary to read a book they were interested in or write a story about something they found fascinating.  Nancy provided them with a variety of literary activities including pen pals, a library of books, and creative writing projects, but it was HER that made all the difference in the world to each student.
– Mary Grambusch, Arcohe School

My daughter has learned skills beyond reading and writing from Mrs. Simmons in her two years being a part of her ongoing reading and writing workshops. Mrs. Simmons encourages students to think beyond the book and explore the many ideas inspired by the author. As a writer, my daughter has learned to believe she can express herself and her ideas through writing. She has gained valuable problem-solving skills and confidence through reading, writing and discussions with Mrs. Simmons.
– Harriet Hudson, Parent

Nancy Simmons’ love of language and literature comes through whenever she gets kids and book together. I have seen her act out a scene just to get her students’ attention. With that kind of enthusiasm, the kids are hooked!
– Carol Manning, Teacher

All five of my children have benefitted from Mrs. Simmons’ tutoring skills. From reading comprehension to writing essays, research reports and analyzing literature, her passion for education and helping kids be successful comes through in her commitment to each student. She is kind, firm and patient, which works for the different personalities and needs of my kids”.
– Susan Chavez, Parent

Stephanie Ferrara

From Stephanie’s courses, I have learned to write SSAT essays, essay analysis and poetry analysis. During classes, she is always very patient and good at giving systematic guidance. When there is a mistake in my essay, instead of telling me what to do, Stephanie always heuristically guides me to think of a solution to correct the mistake, which not only helps me remember the mistake and avoid making the same one again, but also improves my ability of revising my own essay. In addition, she has used some novel and effective teaching methods in her classes. For instance, once she let me revise and grade an essay written by another student, which actually helped me figure out some similar problems in my own essay. After taking Stephanie’s courses, I feel much more confident and comfortable than before and the quality of my essays have been largely improved. In a nutshell, Stephanie is an excellent teacher.
– David S., 8th grade. Shanghai, 2016

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