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Bishop's School

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La Jolla



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7 to 12

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The 2013 session will begin in June, however, dates have not yet been established. Registration and course information will be available March 2013.

2013 information not yet available

Boarding Amount:
2013 information not yet available

Meal Plan - Price:
2013 information not yet available

Language Program:
2013 information not yet available

Curriculum / Activities:
Age: not yet listed
Tuition: not yet listed
Duration: Session 1 June 10 - June 28, 2013, Session 2 June 24 - July 26, 2013, Session 3 July 8 - July 26, 2013
2013 program information not available until March 2013. Courses include health, world religions, Hebrew Scriptures, Christian Scriptures, Advanced Placement Biology Prep, elementary and middle school enrichment courses and year-long, upper school courses for credit (e.g., biology, chemistry, Spanish, Advanced Pre-Calculus, math 4, studio art, SAT/ACT Prep), algebra prep, algebra review, and math 3B.

Knights Strength and Agility Sports Camp
Age: grades 7 - 12
Tuition: not yet listed
Duration: not yet listed
A series of functional exercises, speed training, and conditioning drills are matched together to emphasize strength, speed, agility, flexibility, and endurance, benefiting all athletes regardless of their sport. The program also emphasizes balance, stability, coordination, reaction time, and explosive power. This six-week camp allows an athlete adequate time to increase his/her performance while providing the extra training crucial to a successful fall sports season.

Bishop’s Volleyball Clinics
Age: Volleyball I grades 3 - 7, Volleyball II grades 7 - 10, Volleyball III high school varsity
Tuition: not yet listed
Duration: not yet listed
Each clinic provides 4 days of instruction, drills, & games. Players receive individual attention from qualified area coaches, and a clinic T-shirt will be provided.

Lacrosse Camp
Age: boys entering grades 1 - 9
Tuition: not yet listed
Duration: not yet listed
Players will be grouped appropriately and challenged on a daily basis. Mornings will consist of intensive instruction on team and position-specific skills in order to give each player the tools to jump forward from the level of play they currently possess. Afternoon game play allows players to put to practice what they have just learned in a controlled and safe competitive environment

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