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CA, Alameda Co.

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Lawrence Hall of Science, One Centennial Drive, Berkeley, CA 94720 & Strawberry Canyon Recreation Area, Berkeley, CA, 94704

Contact Information:
Cal Youth Camps (Department of Recreational Sports), 2301 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, CA, 94720, (510) 643-CAMP (2267)

Application Information:
Science & Sports Camp is divided by grade level (grade entering fall 2012). Please click on a link below to check out the themes and schedules, and to enroll in the camp. **Science & Sports registrations will ONLY be accepted on-line at, beginning Tuesday, January 17 at noon.*

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Age Range:
Grades 1 - 6

Duration - Dates / Time:
6/11 - 8/17/2012 (dependent on the year); Weekly: M - F 9:00 am - 4:00 pm; Extended Hours Available: 7:30 am - 9:00 am & 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

$695 per week

Counselor / Student Ratio:
1 : 8

Develop your mind and body at Science and Sports Camp (S2), a partnership between Lawrence Hall of Science (LHS) and Strawberry Canyon Youth Programs. Campers will spend the morning at Lawrence Hall of Science, and the afternoon participating in fun and instructional sports activities at either the Strawberry Canyon Rec Area (SCRA) or the Golden Bear Rec Center (GBRC), depending on grade level. Campers in grades 1-3 go to SCRA and those in grades 4-6 go to GBRC.

Field Trips:


No, but supervised transportation is provided between each site.


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application and health/immunization form

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Berkeley Parents Network -

Blue Camp

July 2012
My son just finished two weeks at the Blue Camp Cubs, up on campus at Cal. It was sports, sports, sports all day long, totally nonstop, and it was heaven on earth for him. He loved the whole thing. We'd never been to this camp before, and he went without friends, so I was a little nervous he'd be overwhelmed or lonely. But it didn't seem to be an issue at all - he felt comfortable with the leader and really enjoyed all the activities. They even get swimming lessons in there too. In any case, it's a great camp - the kids get a lot out of it in the two weeks. Well worth it! Rena C.

Jan 2012
Re: Summer camp recommendations for 2nd grader
I think Blue Camp at UCB is good. My kids are also more artistic/crafty and not into team sports, but they had a good time. True, 2nd graders can't choose exactly how their day goes (older kids can), but it's a nice opportunity for kids to try something for short periods that they think they don't like. And my kids loved that they had swimming every day. I liked that compared to other camps it was reasonably priced. Website here: Ellen

March 2010
Re: Camp for 7 year old boy who loves sports
I would recommend the UC Berkeley Rec. department camps: satisfied parent

Defintely you should try Blue Camp at UC Berkeley. My 9-year-old has gone to the Cal Rec camps for three years now. It's very well-run and well-organized, and staffed by enthusiastic young counselors. The great thing about the camp for a sports fan is that a variety of different sports are offered, so kids get to try out sports they might not encounter otherwise. There is swimming every day, and the kids stay busy and active.
Feb 2010
Re: Camp that will accept special-needs 8 year old
I am not sure if it would work for your situation, but my son who has multiple physical disabilites, but no developmental delays, has been welcomed and supported at the UC Berkeley Blue Camps. He usually does the sports and arts track so he gets a break from all the physical stuff over the course of the day.

For the past three years they have accomodated his needs and been very supportive (especially when all the kids kept asking him about his leg braces). I was very nervous to call and ask them to accomodate him because I had been told no by other private camps (made my son sad because he wanted to go to a acting/storytelling camp). The staff at Cal has been amazing and my son loves going there. Sarah

Feb 2009
I've been looking at the web-site for Cal Youth Camps, especially Blue Camp / Cubs and Skateboarding Summer Camp, both at the Golden Bear Recreational Center at U.C. Berkeley. I was wondering if anyone had any reviews, positive or negative, about either of these camps that I am considering for my 8 year old son. Thanks!

Blue Camp at Clark Kerr or at Strawberry are great. My 12 yr old and 8 yr old have been going for years and love it. The administrators are excellent. The few issues I have had have been dealt with quickly and well. The staff are mostly college kids and have been very responsible and fun. We mostly do aftercare. On the days when we didn't, I found the key was to NOT pick them up right at the beginning of pick up time. And we generally park of campus and walk over for the pick up, cuz the on campus parking police are serious. It's a great way to spend 2 weeks of the summer for kids who like sports for all or part of the day. anon
This summer will be my 8-year-old's third year at the Cal Camp. He likes it, has a good time, comes home worn out. And for me as the mom, I love that it is very structured and well-organized, and the young counselers are peppy and enthusiastic. My son is not a huge team sports fan, but he loves the swimming every day, hip-hop classes, tae kwan do, and archery. I really think this is one of the best camps in Berkeley!
June 2007
Re: Summer camp for visiting Italian kids
I think you and the kids would be very happy with Cal's summer camp. Check it out on line-look for Blue Cubs, Blue Bears. There are a few foreign kids that have fun and make friends at the camp. Best of luck! anon

The 5 yr old and 13 year old might like the Strawberry Canyon/ Clark Kerr sports camps run by UC Berkley Recreation Department. They run for 2 week sessions. The kids do a variety of sports each day. The 5 yr old would likely be at the camp at the Strawberry Canyon pool. The older child would be at the Clark Kerr campus. But they really are't very far apart, and doing both drop offs or pick ups is not so difficult. I'm not sure how many 13 yr olds go to the camp. You could tryp to get a feel for it from the camp director. You can look on line at the site for uc berkleey rec. department for the camps. The exact name is not so clear - Perhaps ''strawberry canyoun'' or ''golden bear''. Just check out the site. Another programrun by Cal Rec department is Cal Adventures. Those kids do kayaking, rock climbing, sailing and other stuff. More specific (and pricy and shorter) sport-specific camps are run by the Cal athletic department. You can find those on line too. Most of them do not run on Fridays. The older kid, if he has good english skills, cold be a CIT. Mom
April 2007
Re: Summer/language camp for 12-year-old from Turkey
Hello, I recommend the programs offered by UCB, Cal Youth Programs. They offer mainly sports summer camps: For 12 year olds, there is a huge variety of fun stuff like rock climbing, sailing, sea kayaking, etc. They also do mixed science in the morning and sports in the afternoon. My son (albeit 5 years old) went last year all summer and loved it, and will go again this year. The cost is reasonable (in comparison with other camps in this area) and it would be very convenient for you since it is located on the UCB campus. Check out the web site:

This does not help you with the English, but perhaps just spending all day speaking English with kids and teachers would be enough? Otherwise, maybe you could hire an English tutor once or twice a week. I bet you could find a UCB student willing to do it for reasonable rates. It may be difficult to find exactly what you are looking for, as clearly, most camps are set up for kids living here who (mostly) already speak English. Good luck and I hope you have a great summer here in the beautiful Bay Area. Love CAL Camps

Jan 2007
Re: Summer Day Camp for 13 year old boy
Check out Cal Adventures at
It is run by the recreation department at UC Berkeley and offers a wide variety of camps in the summer time. There also may be orpportunites for him to be a CIT or junior CIT at some of the camps that age out at 12. So check out camps with stuff he likes and see if they have early CIT programs (If you htink he'd like that) Mom

Oct 2006
My sisters would like to bring her one 4th grader, one 3rd grader, and one first grader here in the Bay Area next summer and enroll the kids in some kind of programs to learn English in a natural and fun way. I have no clues of any existing programs in the East Bay. Could you recommend any sources for my sister? Thanks Wen

You might want to look into the Cal Bears Sports camps. It might be a nice, easy way for the kids to improve (or learn?) their conversational English without being in a classroom. My daughter loved the Explorers camp and even her friends who are not very athletic enjoyed it as well. Good luck with your search. - RK
March 2006
Re: What do Thirteen Year Old Boys do in the Summer?
I would recommend Strawberry Canyon. They have a camp for older kids, and they also have a counselor in training program for kids who have finished 7th grade. Also you can look on for other ideas. There are some cool camps in the city--one by the SPCA looks particularly interesting, but i don't have any experience with it.
have experienced many camps

Re: Albany Sports Camp vs Strawberry Canyon (June 2004)
My son has had great experiences with the well-run Strawberry Canyon summer camps for 4 years now, and will be attending again this summer. Hope this helps, Sports boy's mom
Our son is now 8 and has been to both the Strawberry Canyon and Albany Sports Camps. He enjoyed both equally. The Strawberry Canyon site can be a bit of a nightmare picking your child up, long lines, etc. even though they have a very good ''runner'' and sign out system. The Albany Sports Camp seems looser in structure but I think the kids have just as much fun. Drawbacks are that Albany s.c. doesn't have swimming and that if it rains there isn't an ''indoor'' place to take them. A big positive is that it costs quite a bit less than Strawberry Canyon. kl
Albany Sports Camp and STrawberry Canyon are quite different. Albany is more laid back. I have heard STrawberry Canyon has even the younger kids going from one activity to the next all day schleppign back packs and all -- tiring, but depends on the kid. I think the structure from day to day is similar. Also it includes swim lesson. From one summer experience my impression is that Albany keeps the kids in activities all day, but is not so rigid in terms of time frame. One thing about the age of your child -- mine went to Albany around that age. The staff reassured me there would be kids his age the week we signed up for, and that was only true for the last day or two. Also I think they were a little off on appropriate age level of games in some cases. Also, once when my son was not into a game he sat out, but apparently in the hot sun, and came home sick. I was angry that they didn't use better judgment. Good luck
Sports camp for 8 year old boy

Feb 2002
Looking for recommendations of a summer sports camp for an active 8 year-old boy. Not looking for a specific sport because he's pretty athletic; more important to be low in competitiveness, while offering good, patient instruction and experience. Preferably in Oakland or Alameda, Berkeley OK. We have been disappointed in Alameda programs that have high staff turnover, lackluster instruction, and low staff-student ratios. I have looked over the Parents-net website but hoped for some more general recommendations based on our needs. Thanks! Nils

Cal Sport Camp located on Clark Kerr Campus at UC Berkeley is a great program for kids to try lots of different sports. The parent comments go something like this... ''Oh, my kid loves Cal Sports Camp, and they sleep so well that week!'' It is an active program with energetic college-age and a few adult-age (older than college age) counselors. Some of the adult counselors are teachers. The kids participate in 6 (I think)hour-long sports classes. Camp sessions last 2 weeks. The hard part is choosing which sports to try! I think the registration has the kids sign up for 10 and then they put schedules together and there is some opportunity to modify the schedule in the first day or two. I suggest having your child go with a friend which can help kids feel connected more quickly and it can help with tranpsortation. Getting there from Alameda may be a pain, but I have to say drop off and pick up are well orchestrated. My child participated for the first time last summer. Lissa
A cautionary tale: while almost everyone I know has great things to say about the Sports Camp at Cal, I wanted to quickly relate our experience. My five-year -old son attended last year and yes, the counselors are lovely, the place is well-organized and for the most part my little guy had fun (and yes, he was exhausted at the days end). However, on the Wednesday before camp ended, I got a call from the office staff around 3 pm that my son was suffering from over-exertion and dehydration. I raced off to camp to find my son in the makeshift infirmary, covered head to toe with iced t-shirts, with a fan going, with a core body temp of about 103 degrees. It took hours to cool him down, and led to vomiting, chills, and a sustained fever. He missed the final two days of camp. I will say the staff, once they recognized the problem, were very kind and attentive. However, the problem was triggered by my son's wearing a heavy fleece sweatshirt that no one bothered to suggest he take off, despite the very hot afternoon temperatures and the fact that they'd been running around for five hours by the time he got so overheated. My son, to this day, is upset when he recalls the experience, and based on the comments of the caretakers, his was not an entirely isolated event, suggesting that they have experience with overheated kids and know what to do when it happens. I just wish they'd been more on the ball and prevented his experience from happening in the first place. signed, a mom heading to a different camp this summer
Feb 1998
One of the best summers my daughter has ever had was at Blue Camp here on campus(summer of 96). Before you invest your money in other camps, call the Strawberry Canyon Recreation program. Their phone number is 643-6720. They offer two camps which cover ages 8-11(Blue Camp) and 12-15(Gold Camp). For an additional fee, they offer childcare before and after camp. Camp is from 9:00am-12:00 and 1:00-4:00pm. If your child attends camp for the entire day, their lunchtime is supervised by skilled, energetic college age students. Most importantly, the kids choose which classes to participate in each week. Each activity is 1 hour and they offer such classes as first aid, swimming, archery, track, soccer, volleyball, lacrosse, gymnastics, leadership, etc. The kids are taught by a great staff of college age students who have some personal experience with the sports/activity they teach. There is a real sense of a "camp" atmosphere in these programs. Your child will be tired at the end of the day, but not disappointed. I can't say enough about Blue/Gold camps. Good luck in whatever you decide to do. Kimberly


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